Dental emergencies such as toothaches or injuries can be serious and should not be ignored. Ignoring an injury to you teeth often allows the condition to worsen and can become permanent.

We leave time in our schedule daily for emergencies. Should you have a Dental emergency please call early in the day so we can reserve the time for you. Once you are an established patient we leave our home phone number on our answering machine so you can get in touch with Dr. Capobianco.



Rinse your mouth with warm water to clean it out.  Then GENTLY use dental floss to clean out any food left in the teeth.  Please DO NOT put aspirin or any other painkiller on your tooth or gums. This can burn your gum tissue- that's not good!  Contact our office if the pain continues.


Hold the tooth by its top and wash off the root of the tooth with water if it is dirty.  DO NOT SCRUB OR REMOVE ANY ATTACHED TISSUE.  If possible, gently insert and hold the tooth in its socket. If this is not possible put the tooth in a cup of milk and call us as quick as possible. IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: BRING THE TOOTH WITH YOU!


SAVE ALL OF THE PIECES.  Rinse your mouth with warm water.  Use ice or cold compresses to keep the swelling down. CALL THE SAME DAY.